Sep 28, 2010

My Wampas: The Galactic Heroes Wampa

Well once you have a full size Wampa living in the garage, you tend to collect others, so here is the first of a series of posts about My Wampas. This was actually my first Wampa. I had a bunch of Star Wars figures as a kid but never had a Wampa .

Since I have 2 small boys the current line of regular sized figures tend to be a little complicated, then again I let them play with my old Kenners. Luckily for me Star Wars has the Galactic Heroes line where they can't lose the guns and they are stubby and easy for little hands. Last year I actually found the Battle of Hoth play set at Kohl's on discount and could not pass it up. I was still in the planning stages with the Wampa suit, but I was thinking ahead knowing that my kids would want to play with one of their own. As for the Wampa itself, I was surprised to see the red staining on the chest and he is quite yellow proving that Wampas like to roll around in their own filth. But paint jobs aside the play factor is great. He has a big bone in one hand which the kids like to beat the rebels with and a "swatting" hinge in the other hand.

Wampa vs. AT-AT... my money is on the Wampa!

Included in the set are all the Hoth favorites including a Luke with a TaunTaun which my little one loves to battle with the Wampa. This month we added AT-AT to my Hoth figure collection for my son's 2yr birthday. It came with a AT-AT driver and a snow speederbike. Included with the other set was a General Veers who fits right in. Another fun feature is a string that feeds through the center of the belly where you can have pilot Luke rise up and drop his bombs. Fortunately for me they were giving away these away free at CV so I have hours and hours of role playing time ahead for my kids!

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