Aug 13, 2014

Wampa Patches - help with repairs and building a set.

Hello everyone WampaDude here, and I am working on raising money for a new Wampa Set for conventions. My goal is to have it ready for Celebration VII. To help raise funds, I have created a series
of personal patches.
I am producing 5 patches to help fundraise repairs and a new set to display the costume at conventions. The concept of the set is to replicate the Wampa cave. I will be mounting my Wampa costume UPSIDE DOWN! Fans can pose next to it with their hands up. When they flip their photo upside down, they are now hanging upside down like Luke in the Wampa Cave!!

 photo setmockupboards_zpsc72cae2e.jpg

The Wampa is also my first 501st/Rebel Legion costume, so after almost 5 years in the Legion, there is a lot of wear and tear on the suit. I would like to resculpt the face to make it more screen accurate to the Special Edition Wampa. The original head is pretty rudimentary, made of foam (which is directly on my face), latex and fur, and found out if i want more longevity in the suit, i need to get more airflow to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion here in Florida. Also the hands are in rough shape and very heavy, I would like to improve on those also by making them lightweight and more realistic. Thanks to our brothers and sisters within the Legion I have learned so much since building this suit. I owe it to them and the fans to put the most screen accurate Wampa available out there. Especially on a big stage like Celebration.

There is a bonus to rebuilding the Arms and heads too. In doing so I will now have molds of each, so if anyone wanted some  screen accurate Wampa Taxidermy (either a severed arm, or head mount) which would look great at a convention or in a personal collection. Once the set is done maybe i can put up an interest thread for those.


So on to the patches. I have 4 wampa patches that will be available along with a bonus 5th patch. The first 2 Wampa patches I am releasing are as follows. (proofs will be updated as soon as they come  in)

PATCH #1 - Hanging With The Wampa

 photo hangingpatch_zps5ba2464b.jpg

First, is the Wampa Set patch, a patch that can be seen flipped just like the images of the set.  It is a 4" fully embroidered patch.

PATCH #2 - Wampa Skull and Crossbones

 photo skullpatch_zpsb804d257.jpg

Second is my personal emblem, the Wampa Skull and Crossbones. Being from Tampa Bay, the Pirate culture is big here, from our Football team the Buccaneers, to the annual festivals like Gasparilla and John Levique Pirate Days. So with Star Wars known for having their own pirates and scoundrels, why not create my own personal logo to reflect the two. This is perfect for anyone in Bizzard Force, with a Patch Vest or personal patch collectors. This one will be a 4" wide die cut patch,

PATCH #3 - Wampa Kitty

 photo 57EB9774-AD33-4468-9D3E-B3608D64ACCA_zpsvsbgw7oh.jpg

A mash up with Hello Kitty and the wampa, a design i made previously for bin decals, now available with a patch. This will be a 4"x4" die cut patch.

PATCH #4 - Wampa Workshop

 photo 8898BEA1-878E-45FA-AF09-D1A148168348_zps0c79hfej.jpg

A patch dedicated to the workshop where the wampa is built, in Tampa Bay we have a series of workshops, the Wookiee Workshop that specializes in all things Wookiee, the Sith Workshop who specialize in Darth Maul and Darth Talon, and also the Wampa Workshop, dedicated to perfecting the impossible costume that Lucasfilm struggled with. This is a 3"x4" rectangle patch.

BONUS PATCH - Hail Hydrate

 photo hydratepatch_zps4af517fd.jpg

As a bonus patch. Here is the Hail Hydrate emblem that I created this year after an inside joke to those who marched at Disney's Star Wars Weekends. Anyone who has been in armor in the heat knows we need to stay hydrated. And with the popularity with the Marvel movies and Agents of Shield, this mashup needed to be done. This patch is a standard 3.5" circle patch.


Prices are as follows.

$6.00 US per patch - includes shipping.
$7.00 International per patch - includes shipping

Plus any additional donations are more than welcome, costs most likely will exceed the funds raised via patches (please add a note in paypal)

Paypal -

Be sure to include your name and address for shipping via PM or Paypal. and please post here so i can keep track of how many of which are ordered.

Email me for any questions.

click link above to make direct donations to paypal.

Thank you all and MTFBY