Sep 5, 2013

Sorry for the Hiatus Folks, I am back!!!

After a little over a year I needed to take a break from the suit and doing so i slacked on some of the updates, I admit it, i got lazy.  But now I plan on catching you all up on the new modifications and other costumes that have been developed in the last year. Here is some of the latest developments.

In a few weeks I will be bringing the Wampa back with a bang. Fans will see it at the Tampa Bay Rays Star Wars Night!!!

Here is a video I shot as a Stormtrooper with Luke Scott last year for SWNight

Currently I am replacing the upper arms for a 2nd time. After seeing the Adidas shoot, I was kept looking at the shoulders and realized that they are way too big, so I cut them off before Celebration VI and after wearing it at the convention I realized that they were too short and very uncomfortable. Later that year at the annual Holiday Parade the stand also broke and moral kind of dropped so I just wrapped him up in storage and took a break.

Here is how ugly it was inside the arm, the foam was ripped, the new framework would twist up and catch my arm inside... so the new approach will be to do what i did a long time ago, sew on the arms. Yep, the old way of thinking storage and set up turned out to be the biggest pain in the butt. If i plan on trooping with him anymore, the older i get the easier in the suit it needs to be, less variables is a good thing.

So that should be enough to get the curiosity flowing again. Next up posts about Zoidberg and Waldo Trooper!