Sep 8, 2010

Check Out This Fan Video - The 501st Group Photo with the Wampa

I found this amazing video from the 3rd level shot by Pitu Vision. You can hear the enthusiasm of a fan as he narrates what he is seeing. It also shows my favorite candid moment of the 501st photo, the late arrival of Greedo. You can hear all the guys shouting out "Greedooooooo" at the 7:50 moment. We do have some obscure characters and you can hear him trying to figure them out. His "Ball Sack" Alien interpretation of Ponda Boba did catch me off guard.


  1. 6:11 "Hey Look it is that Ball Sack Alien" Best part ever. Also the "What the hell is that?" When Thomas as darth Bane came out. Good video, but those guys did not know who any one was.

  2. I was waiting for some comment about whose the cowboy? Great video find


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