Sep 14, 2010

My Wampa is talked about on the Sarlacc Pit SWCV Podcast

In their review of Star Wars Celebration V they gave a top 5 costumes they saw. Guess who made the list!!!

Here is the discription of their podscast:

Welcome to "The Sarlacc Pit"! Here you'll find episodes of the official podcast of - the fan's Star Wars podcast. Come join us as we digest the latest news and happenings from the Star Wars universe. The focus of the podcast is to help, "...bind the galaxy together..." so if you want to come on the show to promote your Star Wars website, a Star Wars event or product... or if you're a fan who just wants to talk Star Wars... then we want to hear from you!

I love when people talk about seeing the Wampa, just like a fish story, it seems to grow in size every time they tell it. The Sarlacc Pit is a new podcast and worth a listen, click their logo above to subscribe on iTunes!

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