Sep 17, 2010

Improving the Wampa - My Handy Cooler

While making the body, I installed a large computer fan in the top of the hump to circulate air in the body cavity, but ran out of time and money before SWCV to figure out a cooling system for the head. Today I made my first step towards making the Wampa suit an easier costume to wear. From the recommendation from my buddy Bossk down below (actually a fellow 501st member) I picked up a Handy Cooler. He let me play with his cooler and after being in my suit it felt great. He has one mounted on his costume and the company claims up to a 30 degree drop in temperature for 30-120 minutes depending on the humidity. Even if it is 10 degrees it will be an improvement.
Just like Bossk, I got the tube attachment which they market for baby strollers. He uses it to mount the cooler in a secure spot inside the costume, than direct the air where needed most. The Wampa head was made a bicycle helmet which already have holes for ventilation. When I built up the foam, I left open channels to let any heat escape. These already look like they will be a great way to get air into the head also. I have tested using 1/2 vinyl tubing going into the head and it seems to make a difference. And that is only blowing in room temperature air. The end result for this is to try to keep the head on longer, and keep the illusion alive!
I should have this mounted by the time of the next troop and I promise I will give a follow up to let everyone know how it worked. If it works great I just might replace the fan in the hump with a second unit and point the hose down into the body right on my back.

Photo by Andrew Siguenza

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