Mar 7, 2012

New on - Really? Troopers

Not everybody has a spouse/girlfriend that quite gets why we pay top dollar to play dress up in plastic armor and run around with toy guns at events. My Wife is one of those types. She is the first one to mutter NERDS under her breath anytime she sees a convention on TV or photos of the 501st. But in her own way she asked me to design her a shirt that she could wear at events.. so here it is the Really? shirts.

The first one was a Stormtrooper, which is one of my costumes I wear. The next two are by request by other 501st members, and there are many more costumes being requested. From Tusken's to Clones and even Rebel Pilots, Vader and Boba. I got a feeling I will be busy making these for a while. Keep watching for more updates.

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