Feb 27, 2012

More photos with David Prowse!

Yesterday I got an email from the other Stormtooper participating in the ceremony, asking if I have seen the photos. Well that is the downfall of being in costume if you don't have your own dedicated photographer with you guys, you tend to experience the event but rarely see it as an observer. When George Lucas was being interviewed by Oprah, he gave a really haunting where he said he never got to see Star Wars (video below). 501st members can really relate to that when we are in costume. You see the look on peoples faces and the excitement and wonder, but we never really experience that feeling. But in return we get to give that to them. So there is a payoff.

Also involved in the ceremony Richard Leparmentier who played Admiral Motti. This was fascinating standing next to him talk about working with Peter Cushing and how classically trained he was. Also involved was Peter Mayhew who is no stranger to Star Wars fans, but if you are... that is Chewbacca!

George Lucas Discusses Star Wars

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