Aug 11, 2010

Star Wars Celebration Here I Come : Schedule to meet the Wampa

We are now leaving for Star Wars Celebration in Orlando Florida. I have scheduled a couple events with the Wampa so feel free to come by and take a pic with him.

Thursday Night After Hours Party
IceBar Orlando From 8-12.

Friday at SWCV
"Unscheduled" flash mob, with snowtroopers General Veers and Darth Vader
1:30 - 3 on the trade floor.
6-7 Door Guard Duty in the 501st Room

Saturday at SWCV
3:00 Photo op with the Mandolorian Mercs Wampa Squad (and possibly Steve Sansweet!)
4:00 501st Legion Group Photo (You won't want to miss this one)

Unscheduled Appearances
Also on Friday and Saturday I will be wandering the halls between shifts. Be sure to check the Hoth Ice Bar upstairs, this will be Official hangout of the Wampas (yes there will be more than one there) and be sure to check up at the Rebel Legion Echo Base booth, I will wander by there a couple times through the weekend.

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  1. Icebar is ready for Wampa, have three "on ice" today, taking one a day to the Hoth Garden! See you soon.


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