Jul 30, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V is almost here, and I got my tickets!

Todat I finally got my 4 Day passes to Star Wars Celebration V. There is so much to do in 4 days that we are actally having to pass on stuff we want to do. Since I will be taking my 5yo son with me on Thursday, more than likely I will not be in costume during convention hours. I am also passing on the costume contest. My feeling was if I am going to be part of the entertainment, yeah you heard that right, than I should bow out and leave the costume contest to the fans.

I have volunteered in one of the "Flash Mob" skits and will also be on door guard duty in the 501st room Friday Night. I will be in costume a few other times including the 501st photo, a stop by the Hoth Ice Bar, and an after hours party Thursday Night at Ice Bar Orlando. When I get more info I will post up a schedule of appearances.

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