Apr 3, 2010

Wecome to MyWampa - My quest to build the snow beast.

Hello My name is Jeremy and I am a Star Wars Fanboy. Born in '75 I was raised on the original Saga. I had the toys, and watched the movies anytime they came on. I have always considered Empire Strikes Back my favorite of all of the movies and now that it is the 30th year anniversary I wanted to give back to the movie that I held so dear.

I am recreating one of the most memorable creatures in the Star Wars Universe, the Wampa. Although it only has seconds of screen time it stuck with me. It influenced me when building my first large creature costume "The Beast", a 7 foot high hairy creature that won me back thousands of dollars in costume contest money. After it was featured on Discovery Channels "You Spoof Discovery" I retired the suit.

I had been itching to build another suit, but being a new father got in the way. I had always pondered between a Bigfoot suit or a Wampa, and when Star Wars Celebration V was announced right in my back yard it was like the decision was made for me. Now with a new house and the kids are a little bit older I begin to create the costume that I feel is my tribute back to George and the bunch that changed my life!

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